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Boxing gloves are undeniably the most recognizable aspect of boxing and perhaps even the foremost equipment in this sport. By selecting GYSTERO's boxing gloves, you can guarantee superior quality for your training or competition needs with one of the preeminent outfitters available today. Choose wisely to achieve success!

Boxing gloves that match your training needs

It's not just seasoned boxers and amateur fighters who appreciate the importance of boxing gloves when it comes to precise hand and arm movements. Even novices starting out with their first jabs or upper cuts need them for protecting themselves and their sparring partner from injuries.

When it comes to high-quality GYMSTERO boxing gloves, you can always count on extra padding in all the right places--namely, around your knuckles and fingers where punches land hardest. With multiple layers of top-grade foam built-in, injury-risk factors are minimized so maximum protection is guaranteed.

 Boxing gloves made of imitation leather or leather

Meanwhile, an added Velcro strap placed along your wrist coupled with snug-fitting bandages worn beneath each glove helps reduce any potential harm caused by accidental slips or impact shocks during intense moments in battle!

To ensure your boxing gloves are effective for training and competitions, it is crucial to carefully choose the right pair. Look no further than GYMSTERO's selection of high-quality options.

Upper Padding Weight Boxing/Training Type As experts in boxing, we'll guide you on selecting the appropriate pair of gloves for your needs.

We have an extensive collection of GYMSTERO boxing gloves, available in various options. One crucial aspect to consider is the type of material used for the gloves' exterior. You have a choice between imitation leather or genuine leather boxing gloves which are distinct from each other. If you're just starting and need your first pair as a beginner boxer, we suggest opting for synthetic ones that mimic real animal hide due to their lightweight construction and cost-effectiveness. Such coverings tend not to endure wear so fast with gym workouts held 1-2 times per week without generating significant strain on them; making it an ideal option for novices entering this sport!

If you're a veteran hobbyist or even seasoned professional boxer, your boxing gear demands differ significantly due to the frequent training and corresponding high levels of strain. Authentic leather gloves are incredibly rugged which translates into greater endurance for those who train frequently like yourself. GYMSTERO's leather boxing gloves maintain their integrity despite multiple workout sessions per week, preserving reliable stability throughout while expertly safeguarding you during sparring matches as a true pro should expect nothing less.

GYMSTERO offers a range of padding options for their boxing gloves, varying from slim to thick designs. Based on our knowledge and experience, we propose opting for slimmer gloves during everyday training sessions like punching bags or utilizing equipment since they provide less resistance and require minimal cushioning. However, if you plan to spar with someone or prepare yourself before engaging in competitions then it's prudent to select thicker padded gloves which will ensure adequate protection against injuries while executing both offensive as well as defensive moves.

 Boxing gloves in different weight classes

When making a decision about the ideal type of glove, weight is an essential factor that ought to be considered. Normally quantified in ounces (oz.), with 28.35 grams equivalent to one ounce; thus, if you opt for a 10 oz boxing glove, it'll weigh approximately 283 grams.

  • Boxing gloves between 10 oz and 16 oz for training alone (depending on personal preference)
  • Boxing gloves between 12 oz and 14 oz for training with a sparring partner
  • Boxing gloves between 14 oz and 16 oz for pre-contest
  • Boxing gloves between 8 oz and 12 oz for competition

Essentially, the amount of foam filling in boxing gloves increases as their ounce capacity goes up. Therefore, selecting suitable gloves for training or competition largely depends on its specific nature.

Boxing gloves ranging from 10 oz to 16 oz are suitable for training alone, depending on personal preference. If sparring with a partner, it is recommended to use gloves between the weight of 12oz and14oz. Pre-contest demands slightly heavier Gloves within the range of14oz-16ox while competitions call for lighter boxing gloves weighing approximately between8 ounces -12 ounces.

Numerous boxers prefer using heavy boxing gloves during their workout sessions as they aid in building strength, endurance, and muscles leading them towards greater success when competing. Utilizing such types of glove provides ease in throwing swift punches!

These boxing gloves are appropriate for various forms of boxing and exercise.

If you're practicing punches on a bag or ball solo, competition regulations for boxing gloves need not apply. Optimal gloves will have an adjustable Velcro fastener with lightly padded but non-sewn thumbs to improve accuracy and ensure ease of use. Thickly-padded options are better suited for building strength and endurance just before competitions.

Sparring requires suitable boxing gloves that offer ample protection in the striking region since it involves delivering blows to your partner. It is also essential to ensure thick padding on the gloves for safeguarding against injuries caused by hits during sparring. While these padded gloves are ideal for training with punching bags, they tend to provide less "impact feedback."

When it comes to competition, the requirements for boxing gloves elevate due to guidelines set forth by event planners. To ensure safety of opponents, these gloves typically come with a sewn-on thumb and are laced up securely. Compared to training gloves, they tend to be lighter in weight so as not hinder punching effectiveness.

 Boxing gloves for women and men

Both women and men can choose to wear either light or heavy boxing gloves. Gender doesn't determine which glove is preferred as no gender-specific options exist; the size and weight should be customized according to personal preferences.

Please be advised that the utilization of boxing gloves is appropriate for children, with smaller and lighter designs tailored to their needs. Due to the limited muscular strength in a child's wrists, arms and shoulders, specialized gloves are necessary.

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GYMSTERO's collection of boxing gloves assures you unmatched assistance in your training routine. Whether a beginner or professional boxer, we commit to offering an impeccable fit for all individuals.

Do you require a sparring partner? Our GYMSTERO punching bags could be the perfect solution for your solo workouts and when there is no workout buddy available. They enable effective training without any assistance